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How do I post images?

In order to add an image to your message or signature you must have the image already available on the Internet.  This image can be hosted on your personal webpage for example.   Please note that some image and webpage hosts do not allow linking to ClubSi.  The two following image formats are accepted on ClubSi for posting, the .jpg and .gif extensions.  Once you have the images hosted on the Internet you may add them to your message using the following tags:

[image][/image] or [img][/img]

You may also use the "Instant UBB Code" that is provided as demonstrated below:

1). At the message creation screen click on the "Image" link under the "Instant UBB Code" section.  It is seen below boxed in blue.
Image Link

2). A pop-up dialog box will appear.
Pop-up Dialog Box

3). In the text box provided input the URL of the location of the image you want to add to your message.  Once completed click the "OK" button.  It is seen below boxed in blue.
OK Button

4) Your image location and necessary tags will be added into the "Post" text box for you.  At this time you can add more text or images to your message or you can submit your message.

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